Statement of Privacy Policy

RV Toy Store, Inc. respects the privacy needs and concerns of our customers. It is our goal to provide you with an enjoyable and satisfying shopping experience, and to meet and exceed your expectations. To accomplish this goal we use the information our customers provide in the following ways:

When you visit our web site, we automatically recognize your Internet service provider, the Web page from which you came, and a record of your activity on our site, but you cannot be identified as an individual. The customer information that RV Toy Store, Inc collects through its web site is used to process orders and to improve your shopping experience.

We use the information you share with us to improve your shopping experience by allowing us to make our Web site easier and more enjoyable to use. The information you volunteer enables us to process your purchases, confirm your orders, customize the content and layout of our pages, notify you about updates to our site, and provide you with additional information about our products.

The information you supply to us is added to our customer database. We may also send you catalogs or emails to inform you of new products, services and special offers, special promotions or upcoming events. If you do not want to receive such mailings or e-mails from us, please click here to send us an email. Please type “Opt-out” in the subject line.

We do occasionally share name and address information with other catalog companies that offer similar products. We will not share any personal financial information. If you would prefer us not to share this information, please click here to send us an email. Please type “Remove from mailing list” in the subject line.

RV Toy Store, Inc has taken measures to ensure that shopping at is a safe and enjoyable experience for our valued customers. We use Secure Sockets Layering (SSL) to encrypt your personal credit information, including your credit card number, before it travels over the Internet. SSL technology is the industry standard for secure online transactions. Because we use SSL, placing an order online is just as safe as giving your credit card number over the telephone.

A cookie is a small piece of information that web sites use to remember information about users. RV Toy Store, Inc uses two types of cookies to recognize our members and remember shopping list items. RV Toy Store, Inc uses transient cookies to provide continuity from page to page. Within a single visit, these cookies store information such as your shopping list to simplify checkout. They do not contain any personally identifying information.

RV Toy Store, Inc also uses persistent cookies to identify members after their first visit. These cookies remain on the hard drive of a PC and allow a user to enter our site without having to log in on every visit. To access any secure areas such as your account information or checkout, you must still enter your password.