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Sunguard™ RV Windshield Covers

Installation Using Preexisting Fasteners

If you want to replace old windshield covers and have existing fasteners on your coach, you have your choice of one of the following three options.

Please note that Sunguards are made with 1" double-reinforced perimeters. And our fasteners need to be located in this 1" double-reinforced perimeter to assure fastener stability. For this reason, it is not recommended to try and mount new covers to old existing fasteners. Therefore, we have provided the following three alternatives:

1. Remove old fasteners from coach and install new Sunguards. Our first recommendation is to simply remove the old fasteners and install new ones. It's easy to seal the original holes with silicone or other filament (available at your local hardware store). An excellent way to fill existing holes is to simply install rivets, as they will not stand out. They'll simply appear as a standard (factory placed) feature of the RV. Then later, if desired, the rivets or filament can be camouflaged with touch-up paint. Patching or riveting holes is an easy and inexpensive solution and assures the best fitting new windshield covers.

2. Leave old fasteners on coach and install new Sunguard covers. Although we can not warranty that any preexisting fasteners will line up properly with fasteners on new Sunguard rv covers, it's possible that one or more fasteners might coincidentally line up properly. For example; if there's an existing fastener above the center of the windshield, It's possible that it could be used with a new Sunguard cover. Although it's doubtful, there may be others which line up properly as well. If you prefer to try and use some of the old existing fasteners, go ahead and order a new Sunguard before removing any of the old fasteners, and see if any of the old fasteners will work. Use any old fasteners that will work, and install new ones as necessary. After the new Sunguard cover is fully installed, you can either leave the remaining unused fasteners on the coach, or you can remove them and fill the holes as described above.

3. Send us the old original windshield cover to use as a template. If you have an old windshield cover in fairly good condition, we may be able to use it as a template, if you send it to us. Since this requires us to hand-cut the new set outside our normal assembly line production, there is a $65 duplication fee for this service. Because of the different stretching factors between the old and new sets, we will leave the fasteners off the new set. Then, once you receive the new Sunguard, you can attach new fasteners to it, so they line up properly with the preexisting fasteners on the coach. To do this, simply tape the new covers up over the existing fasteners, and indicate (with an indelible marker) where the fasteners should be located on the new covers. Then simply attach new fasteners where you've marked it. Please call in advance for shipping instructions. We would prefer that you place your order before shipping your old covers to us. The old covers will be returned to you along with the new set.

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